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Don't look for help from someone on the other end of an 800 or 877 number.
Speak directly to the person who will be performing your inspection
I have no financial interest in any mold removal company.

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Don't look for help from someone on the other end of an 800 or 877 number.
Speak directly to the person who will be performing your inspection
I have no financial interest in any mold removal company.

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Don't look for help from someone on the other end of an 800 or 877 number.
Speak directly to the person who will be performing your inspection
I have no financial interest in any mold removal company.

Northern Arizona Mold Inspector

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Home Inspection

Take the first step in a healthier home, by having your home inspected by a Mold Assessment Consultant.


I use the most advanced labs to accurately test your home for mold.

Plan of Action

If mold is found in your home, I will create an effctive plan of action to have it removed.

Follow Up

I make sure the job is done right with a follow up inpsection after the removal process.

John Woehrle, B.A. Biology MAC1624

About me

Why am I passionate about protecting people from the affects of mold?

Several years ago, I owned a small business in Mesa, AZ. We moved our dispatching services to a new office. Within 3 days, the dispatchers each started to get sick-itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and finally lung involvement. It happened so quickly that we had no idea what it was. It turned out to be mold resulting from a leaky pipe in the restroom of the adjacent office. Fortunately, after the mold was removed and a few weeks of medical treatment, all was well. I now devote my full-time helping homeowners, renters, and small businesses detect mold, creating protocols for its removal, and performing final inspections to ensure that the job is done correctly!

As one of the few independent consultants in Arizona with a B.A. Biology degree, you can trust that my reporting will be thorough and expertly done.

If you haven't had your home inspected, please contact me so I can help you keep your home safe or business safe.

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What mold can do to your home.

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I am a local company working with our communites.


Your inspector is certifed and licenced in the state of Arizona. You can rest asured that I am insured and well educated in the most modern techniques.

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I know we are working with more than just buildings, this is your home,business, family, and health.

The Mold Inspection Process

This doesn't need to occur to cause mold.

Your mold problem probably won't be this easy to spot.

Initial Visual Inspection

Identify source of water intrusion

Moisture Check of Areas of Concern

Temperature Check of Areas of Concern

Air Sampling for mold and spores

Written Report detailing Inspection and Lab Results

Common symptoms of

Mold Exposure

Sinus and nasal problems
Respiratory problems, including difficulty breathing
Eye irritations
Sore throat
Skin rashes
Cross Browser Compatibility
Nagging cough
Problems with memory and concentration

Basic knowledgebase

Frequently asked questions

Mold is a type of fungus that consists of small organisms found almost everywhere. They can be black, white, orange, green, or purple. Outdoors, molds play an important role in nature, breaking down dead leaves, plants, and trees. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce by means of tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air. You’re exposed to mold every day. In small amounts, mold spores are usually harmless, but when they land on a damp spot in your home, they can start to grow. When mold is growing on a surface, spores can be released into the air where they can be easily inhaled. If you're sensitive to mold and inhale a large number of spores, you could experience health problems. Some molds create myotoxins that can be involved in health issues if they come in contact with the skin or are ingested.

Mold requires food, moisture and a broad temperature range to grow and thrive. Mold is nature’s means of getting rid of dead organic material. Mold can feed on paper, cardboard, wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper paste, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery. If water or moisture, even in small amounts, intrude into the cleanest house or office, naturally occurring mold will settle and grow. Many mold issues are caused by unseen leaking pipes, soffit issues, and poorly graded landscaping. You do not have to have a flood to have a moisture problem. Moisture problems left untreated for as little as 48 hours can be the beginning of potentially serious mold issues.

The health issues associated with mold can be caused by both live AND dead mold. Killing mold is not enough. Mold must be removed.

You may notice a musty smell where there is water intrusion, for example a bathroom that never seems dry. If you see evidence of a leaking pipe, there is a strong chance that there is mold growth, if the leak is older than 48 hours. A Arizona licensed Mold Assessment Consultant can help determine the presence and extent of mold.

Under Arizona law, with a few exceptions, mold growth over 25 sq. ft. must be removed by a Mold Remediation Contractor. The Assessment Consultant will create a Remediation Protocol for the Remediation Contractor. The Contractor will create a Work Plan, set up containment, and remove identified areas of mold growth. The Consultant will then return to confirm that all mold has been removed.

Arizona law recognizes that for the protection of the consumer, the financial interests of those who detect of mold should be separate from the financial interests of those that removal of mold.

The best price for you.

Available Services

Site Specific Concerns:$300 (Can be multiple in one visit)

1.5 to 2.0 hours


Visual Examination

Indoor Air Moisture Assessment

Material Moisture Content

2 Samples

Lab Fees


Each Additional Sample 1st $50.00

Subsequent $75.00

Full House Evaluation: $400 to $500 (3 to 4 hours)

Return visit, if testing warrants, at no charge.
Additional sampling fee may be charged


Full House Visual Examination

Full House Material Moisture Content

3-4 Samples

Lab Fees


Additional Samples $75.00

(Entire Building)

Why You should work with an independent Inspector.

Ethical issues can occur when the person or company who determines if you have mold is the same person or company that remediates (removes) the mold. How do you know if you really had mold? How do you know that the mold was removed if the company that “removed” the mold is the same company that tells you that the work is complete.
Remove the guesswork. Hire an Independent Mold Inspector.

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